Privacy Policy

At TravelPeg, we understand that privacy is really important. So we have prepared this privacy policy to fill you in on who we are, how we collect and what we do with your personal information, and how you can find out more about our privacy philosophy and the personal information that we collect about you.

So who are we?

TravelPeg is a crowd sourced travel guide for active tourism, created by the travelers for the travelers. This is a unique platform for listing travel services of Tour operators, Travel agents, Insiders etc. where travelers can contact the travel providers directly for availing their services.

What do we collect and why do we collect it?

There are situations in which we ask you to give us information about yourself. This information includes things like your name, address, DOB, e-mail address, Location and phone number. In some situations, you may be able to interact with us anonymously or by using a pseudonym. The types of purposes for which we collect information about individuals include the following:

  1. obtaining, responding to and managing feedback from travelers
  2. allowing people to share their experiences with fellow travelers on our community and managing communications to ensure that posts and messages submitted by users to forums and community with our community guidelines in the website terms of use
  3. processing bookings and providing technical support
  4. contacting travelers with information and updates (like exciting travel news, great offers, promotions, special events, competitions and surveys) from TravelPeg (but only if they have asked us to). Our information and updates may also include information from our partners and other companies in the TravelPeg.
  5. managing our competitions and contacting the winners
  6. personalizing or improving the way TravelPeg content is presented to you across a range of platforms.

If you work for us (as an employee or under contract) we keep information about you in the context of that relationship. There are some differences in how we deal with that type of personal information because of the relationship, plus some housekeeping stuff.

If you are in this group and want further information on how we deal with information about you, please contact your Human Resources manager or the person who manages your relationship with us.

Information about other people

One of the best things about the TravelPeg community is that everyone is keen to share their views and experiences with others. We welcome your contributions, but please respect the privacy of others and don't share their information unless you have their permission.

If you want to include information about yourself, we'll take it that you understand how our services work and are happy for that information to be shared. We don't share your personal information with any outside parties. You can control that information from your profile whom to share with. By giving us your personal information or interacting with us, you acknowledge and agree to our use of your data for improving user interface.


The security of your personal information is important. TravelPeg has in place proper security measures to protect your personal information.

Complaints, comments or corrections?

You generally have a right to access the personal information TravelPeg holds about you (although there are exceptions). For some TravelPeg services you can access your registration and keep your personal information up to date online. To access, correct, or update your other personal information, or if you have any questions about personal information, please contact us by email.

Online newsletters

You want to sign up to a newsletter but you're worried it'll open the floodgates of spam. Here's what we will and won't do if you sign up with us.

TravelPeg collects your email address so we can send you the newsletters you've subscribed to. By registering for the newsletters, you are also signing up to receive emails from TravelPeg for all your travel inspiration, tips and exclusive offers. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link in the footer of the emails. Sleep easy, we will not sell your email address to marketing companies for spamming.

You can manage your subscriptions and update your email address through our newsletters page at any time.


Registration: When you register for a TravelPeg application (App) you will be asked to provide certain basic information such as your name, email address and country. We collect this information for the purposes of administering the App and keeping in touch with you.

Device data: When you use an App we may collect certain information automatically, such as the type of device you are using, the version of the operating system running of the device, the version and build of the App being used, anonymous usage statistics and crash reporting data, and unique identifier details for your device such as the IP address, MAC address, IMEI number, or advertising identifier. Unique identifiers are anonymized and we do not use this information to identify you as an individual.

Location data: Some Apps may use location-based application programming interfaces that collect information about your location for the purpose of supporting the relevant functionality and analysis. Our Apps will only track your location with your consent. Real-time geolocation data may be used to display your location to you on a map, orient the App's maps to be centered on your current location and sort potential activities based on their distance from your location at the time of request. This data will only be used locally on your device and will not be sent to or stored on a remote server or saved on your device, and will not be shared with third parties. This data may be cached on your device for short periods of time in order to improve user experience and make the App more responsive.

Analytics: Where we automatically gather information without asking you to give it to us, we use that information to understand how the App is used by our community and to make sure any technical problems are reported to us. We use Google Analytics to gather and process this data. For details about the information Google Analytics collects and how Google Analytics treats that information please visit their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Feedback and errors: Where you contact us to ask for help to resolve an issue we may ask for your name, your email address and any information you choose to give us as part of servicing your request, including a textural description of your issue, and screenshots of the issue you may be seeing in the App. Our service providers will only use that information in accordance with our instructions and not for their own purposes.


Travelers love giving feedback and we love receiving it. If you're wondering what happens now that we have your comments and information, here's what goes down.
By submitting feedback, you may be supplying TravelPeg with 'personal information'. We collect this information so that we can use your comments to improve our products, acknowledge your contribution, and we reward your contribution with credits. If you're giving feedback within our online communities, please respect the privacy of others and be respectful generally.

Fear not, we will not sell your contact details to marketing companies for spamming. You have some rights to access personal information that we hold about you (but there are exceptions - what good is a rule without them!). If you'd like to find out more about this or if you have any questions about how we handle personal information generally, please read our full privacy policy.

Complaints, comments or corrections?

TravelPeg is keen to resolve any issues arising from the use of website. If you have any queries regarding personal information, please contact us at or